This website is dedicated to city of Rasht, where I grew up. This is the first & oldest website ever to provide information on Rasht. I will try to update it regularly. All comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I have included some links for you. You will find pictures of Rasht, songs, information, recipes, music, poems, proverbs, literature, etc, about many aspects of my beloved city.

I have recently visited Rasht after 14 years. It was the best vacation I have ever had!! I had purchased every single book on sale in Iran regarding Guilan and Rasht. Sad to say the books just filled up two suitcases!! Definitely a need exists for more books on Rasht.

If you have the means, obtain a series of books (three volume) called Guilan book (Ketabe Guilan). It is the best I have ever seen. Lots of work went into them. It is the most complete work on Guilan ever published in the history of our country.

I hope to hear from all you Rashties out there!! If you have any pictures of Rasht, or if you know of any web site you would like to see it linked here, feel free to e-mail them to me. May health and happiness be with you, always, wherever you are.

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Ps. People ask me if I am the man in the above photo. And the answer is no.
It is just a photo I found somewhere and thought it was interesting enough to put it up there. (The gentleman in this photo contacted me in May 2006!!! He lives in USA, and this is a photo he has taken in a show with his wife.) I have visited Rasht in October 2005 once again after 6 years. Rasht had changed greatly. It has been "renovated" due to a real estate boom. If I get some extra time in my busy schedule I will post some recent photos. May health & happiness be with you, wherever you are.

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